We offer one of the most advanced and sophisticated recruitment services available. Our competitive edge cuts both ways, creating value for both clients and candidates. For clients we invest substantial time upfront defining the recruitment brief. This comprehensive briefing examines a range of factors relating to the organisational context and strategy, the challenges embedded in the role itself and the type of person required at this point in time. “Type” refers to knowledge, skill, general background, temperament and leadership style. This information enables us to link the business strategy to a search and selection blueprint. For candidates we provide an unparalleled level of excellence in candidate management. We are your ambassador in the marketplace and all interactions must reflect positively on all stakeholders. Whether representing a large or small enterprise, our appointees take responsibility for the success or failure of business critical decisions.  We believe it is essential to minimise the risk of an inappropriate hire by exploring every facet of the candidate’s profile and capabilities. We assess, evaluate and recommend against your unique requirements.

Search processes are changing rapidly with rise of technology platforms and clients are looking for a search partner that clearly understands their business at a strategic level and can respond with competitively priced, innovative local, national and international sourcing solutions. We undertake specific primary and secondary research in all relevant geographic locations to identify potential candidates. Specific research is also undertaken where the market is sourced directly through senior networks. These approaches combine to deliver a long list of likely candidates.  Using sensitivity, diplomacy and expertise, this long list is approached with a view to assess their role fit and interest in moving.  Frequently, candidates are initially ambivalent about moving roles and part of our skill is the capacity to generate sufficient enthusiasm and candidate interest to have them discuss opportunities face-to-face.