Talent advisory services are particularly focused on small, medium enterprises. These services support Boards and CEO’s and are geared towards improving the engagement, alignment and performance of the executive group. We uncover opportunities for improvement and then move quickly to practical considerations of executive team capability and alignment through assessment data review, effective role design, performance indicator identification and the linkage of these to market relevant base remuneration and further incentive structures.

The need for talent advisory services can be driven by a range of circumstances including but not limited to, a need to positively redefine the business culture, merger or acquisition activity, general business underperformance, a need to rationalise the cost base, an underperforming executive group or sales function, or the opposite, the need for innovation and the identification of a group capable of capitalising on new opportunities.


Completed engagements have included:

General Management review in a privately held logistics organisation. This intervention assessed the capacity of the incumbent GM’s to move from an operational focus to a broader role with increased emphasis on business building and leadership. Roles were re designed and assessment was undertaken to ascertain incumbent GM capability to support the new focus. Remuneration was recast to explicitly link performance to reward.

An NFP Board with concerns regarding the CEO’s agitation for a substantial base remuneration increase and a new incentive structure. The Board sought advice regarding the market relevant positioning of the CEO’s remuneration in both quantum and structural terms and the appropriateness of the CEO’s approach given the nature of the organisation.

A Managing Director in construction seeking to pitch a revised remuneration profile to a Board as a result of increased scope, scale and complexity of the role due to acquisition activity. Research was undertaken across sector, scale and business complexity dimensions to determine appropriate remuneration.

A HRD in construction services seeking to have external, objective assessment of internal middle / senior management candidates for a crucial senior role. This included evaluation of assessment data, executive interview, questionnaire response collation and interpretation and capability recommendations.

A HRD / Sales Director in industrial products seeking an assessment of an underperforming sales function. This intervention included examination of the sales function, identification of the optimal sales executive profile, an audit / comparison of the existing sales team against this profile and restructuring recommendations.

A CEO in a conservative national association seeking to gauge the executive team’s response to the proposed introduction of a culturally contentious variable reward scheme. This intervention included face to face interviews and qualitative / qualitative data gathering and comprehensive report generation.

A business owner in engineering services seeking to understand if the four General Manager’s base remuneration and profit share arrangements were well above the market given the sector, organisation and business unit size. This intervention included executive interviews, examination of the organisational and remuneration history which was then benchmarked to relevant data and recommendations.