In contemporary environments, candidates are open to being approached and with current data platforms, candidate pools can be created, stored and managed across geographical boundaries to client timelines. This creates opportunities to add significant value to organisations by enhancing the speed and quality of staffing solution responses to organisations undergoing transformation. We have substantial executive networks and high quality relationships with a number of specialist research houses who have specific sector orientations and strengths in long listing and/or direct candidate qualification.  In addition to using research where assignment seniority, sensitivity and complexity warrants it, other value adding research applications include:

Competitor Mapping – If your business is seeking to defend its own markets or broach new markets we can identify how and with whom competitors have staffed their business and what their point of differentiation may be. We can advise on your possible organisation structure and your USP as you seek to secure talent.

Completed Engagement: An ASX listed retailer was lagging competitors in the move to online retailing and sought to rectify this situation by quickly identifying all available talent in this space in their competitors. We undertook confidential research to identify a range of roles in ICT, marketing, ranging and product management categories between 150 and 300k. We also identified the major attraction and retention factors in their roles. These individuals were then discreetly approached to ascertain their interest in moving to our client. The subsequent data enabled our client to accelerate the development of their capability in the online arena.


Market Mapping – Operating to a specific brief we identify people in a pre-defined area or job family.

Completed Engagement: An ASX listed heavy manufacturer servicing the resources sector was experiencing a complete lack of skills in Australia for a range of mid level, technically oriented roles. We mapped relevant organisations in South Africa, the UK and Eastern Europe, identified the appropriate individuals and broached the Australian opportunities with them. We then guided the organisation through the qualification and selection process.